Well, it’s been an eventful week (fortunately, eventful good, not eventful bad). But since this is Kate’s webpage, it seems like one of the first items should be her very first birthday. Sunday was a good day and she had presents and cake. Her brothers seemed to get more out of those than she did, but I’m sure that will all change.

Here are some pictures of the momentous occasion.

Update: Well, the thumbnailing function here is less than impressive, but if you click on any of the below pictures you will see the whole thing. I don’t feel like fooling with it just now.

Here’s the birthday girl with her Mickey Mouse balloon (I assume picked out by one or both brothers) and Garfield cake. The Garfield cake was an interesting choice (by big brother Tom) since it is one of the few cartoons the kids have not seen a million times–or, indeed, ever. Maybe Tom liked the orange icing, or maybe he liked the dog and cat figures on the cake without realizing that they are the most-reproduced cartoon images on the planet (okay, maybe second to Peanuts).

Birthday girl with cake.

Birthday girl with more cake.

…and the obligatory picture of the baby covered in icing. She likes cake.

A present!

More toys!

And last but not least, the present that mommy and the boys picked out for her. Amazingly, both boys attempted to appropriate it for themselves (and there was much wailing and gnashing of teeth as mommy and daddy enforced turns around the room).

So our baby girl is now one. I have to go cry myself to sleep now.

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