For the benefit of those of you who won’t be able to come visit any time soon, here is what Tom & Sam’s room looks like now.  I have probably relayed the story to you, but the short version is:

1) Tom wanted to paint his room, so

2) We bought a little bit of paint at the craft store.  However,

3) Tom was ready to start painting while Mommy was in the shower, so

4) He started painting himself and got most of it on the carpet (which is less than a year old).

I guess this was on an inservice day, because Tom was home but I was at work.  I remember the call vividly.

Anyhow, Tina got most of the paint up and there was enough left that she and Tom and Sam put a nice beach scene on the wall.  See below for pictures, one with the bed back in place.

(Click for full picture.  Software wouldn’t let me use a thumbnail for some reason.)

Tom & Sam’s wall

Tom & Sam’s wall, part deux

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