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Sunday, May 17th, 2009

This is only a test (to see if I can post messages as other than admin).

One of the other things I accomplished when I stayed up too late last night is that I can now send and receive email via my Kindle.  At least, I think I can.. reception is poor at the house so I can’t really test it right now.  Maybe later this week.


Sunday, May 17th, 2009

For the benefit of those of you who won’t be able to come visit any time soon, here is what Tom & Sam’s room looks like now.  I have probably relayed the story to you, but the short version is:

1) Tom wanted to paint his room, so

2) We bought a little bit of paint at the craft store.  However,

3) Tom was ready to start painting while Mommy was in the shower, so

4) He started painting himself and got most of it on the carpet (which is less than a year old).

I guess this was on an inservice day, because Tom was home but I was at work.  I remember the call vividly.

Anyhow, Tina got most of the paint up and there was enough left that she and Tom and Sam put a nice beach scene on the wall.  See below for pictures, one with the bed back in place.

(Click for full picture.  Software wouldn’t let me use a thumbnail for some reason.)

Tom & Sam’s wall

Tom & Sam’s wall, part deux

What do you do…

Sunday, May 17th, 2009

…if you live in south Texas and you’re covered in black fur?

1) you hope you get a nice short summer haircut.

2) you hope your folks put in a pond that is just your size.

Sally in pond

(Especially nice after taking a walk with the family up and down the neighborhood hills.)

Happy Birthday, Mommy!

Wednesday, May 6th, 2009

Okay, so blogging has been a little light… for the past thirteen months or so.  No more.

I have some older stuff to get to, but the most recent happening here was Tina’s birthday… I forget which one, I think it was 29?

Because I had a toothache, and she is a far better cook, she got roped into baking her own birthday cake.  I tried, honest, and took all three kids to our local Super Target while Tina was out of town for grocery shopping.  While there, I planned to get a store-bought cake, but it was about 6 PM and nobody seemed to be around in the bakery.  So we bought a Duncan Hines mix, frosting in a can, and some sprinkles and decorative write-your-name frosting.

I meant to do the baking, really I did.

But it was a fun thing for Tina to do with the kids, and this way she was guaranteed to have a cake that was actually edible, right?

All our kids are very mom-centric, and even moreso when she is doing something they all want to be part of anyhow, such as bake a birthday cake.   But at least I was there to take the pictures.

Boy, that mixer is loud

Everybody wants to help, but apparently thinks the mixer is just too dang loud.

Kate licks beater

I think this was Kate’s first experience with licking the beater after the batter was poured.  Presumably it won’t be her last.

Kate eats cake

And of course the upshot of all that slaving away, watching mommy work in the kitchen, is that you get a yummy cake!

Sam has some cake

Sam agrees.  I’m not sure that I’ve seen this expression before.

Emmitt?  Or Sam??

Finally, we opened mommy’s gifts, once again revealing daddy’s complete lack of thoughtfulness in gift-giving.  (Another DVD?  Really?)  However, I think she liked the classic Emmitt Smith jersey; hopefully she’ll wear it while watching some Cowboys games with Poppy when the season starts.  (She said, “What, were you afraid I’d have a crush on Romo or something?”  Truthfully, I was just glad to come up with Emmitt Smith, and to be aware enough of football not to ask how he did last season.)